Intuitive business coaching: change your life then the world
I have had an urge to make a big difference in the world from way back. The fact that you are here is likely to mean we share a dream of wanting to have it all in our lives and for the world…
Most people who dream big don't make it a reality
For years I believed that because I had a dream to make a difference in my life it would just happen. Life would unfold that way and although now it does the fact is I had to show up for myself first.

I am Sarupa Shah AKA The Soul Agent and I show women entrepreneurs how to put soul and spirit in to their lives and business.
In doing so they get to live their dream life and have business that makes a profit as well as impact.

Having a dream or yearning to do something BIG in the world is great but without doing something about it, it remains a dream…
I teach women (and some men) how to be powerful in business and how to use spiritual power in business no matter what the business.

You could be selling widgets, wedding dresses or coaching or anything else  - the fact is you have a spiritual leaning, a hunger to live in alignment with spiritual truth – yet the challenge is how you marry that into your business and life in general.
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You struggle with…
Knowing that you are on the right path, because your life purpose or mission as you know it feels like something is missing.
You wonder when your ship will come in and the abundance the universe is said to have for you. Often feels like it is being hidden from you, if it really exists…oh the doubts about it you know are likely to be making it more tricky but sometimes that is just how you feel.
To understand about business and you worry about being seen as masculine, if there is such a thing and end up taking shortcuts that are bad for business, like no planning, avoiding focusing on money and spend a lot of time on social media and giving freebies to friends…
How to nurture your soul and spirit and feed your hunger to expand your intuition and learning how to manifest and apply spiritual principles and truth in your life and business. Sometimes it can feel like a complete clash, two worlds that collide…so it often stays a secret yearning.
This is where I come in…

For years I kept my spiritual life a secret from the rest of my life. It was something that I did without telling my friends, or work colleagues. Yet I wanted to be in service, living my spiritual life openly. For me it was about having a spiritual practice as I started off as a healer, teaching meditation classes and running spiritual development workshops.

Something didn’t feel right in what I was doing, something was still missing. In all honesty it was mostly money. When I was in a ‘job’ I was well paid and highly sought after yet as soon as I turned my attention to my business it was like, hello struggle.

Now I don't believe in business being the same as personal development as it is a terrible affirmation but like anything you do in life you will soon be made aware of what needs to be resolved!

I had a knack for showing others how to make money , discover their mission and purpose, from when I was a young child. It was normal for me and natural.

Fast forward 
- I did the work the tough way and now I have a business that I love and am deeply passionate about because I get to work with amazing women from all over the world.

I get to change their money stories, business and lives and help them be more visible so they can make their dream a reality.  More often than not I help them to discover their real dream. I call this the dream beyond the dream
Your dream for your life and business is often a great mask for the BIG DREAM the one where you will jump for joy and just run to make it happen. There is a reason why you hold back and this is partly it  - you are even hiding the truth from yourself even though deep down somewhere in your being you know it…!

Because I did the work I now get to focus on my writing which is a big passion for me and have lots of media and speaking opportunities.

Although some would say I am the most ‘unspiritual spiritual person,’ I get to continue on my spiritual journey, it is integral to my life and me personally. As is all the free time I have to hang out with my friends and family…being in business is about being successful but not working 24/7. Not that it is work when you do what you love it is a pleasure, wouldn’t you agree?
If you want to learn how to step into financial sufficiency and have a life where you thrive and where you are not living in the shadow of scarcity and money struggles, then I can help you.
“I can show you how to claim your truth and create a
lifestyle & business that makes this the best life ever”
My passion is helping entrepreneurs and business owners just like you to…
Really get into the spotlight with your message for the world through your business.
Move through the reasons ‘why not now’ and make this the time for highest service
Get on the global stage where you will create a global impact!
Live out our mission in full in ALL areas of your life; health, love, money, business…!
Learn how to use spiritual power, increase intuition, heal money patterns and work on the inner journey for outer success.
If you are expecting woo woo, then you’ll be right but this is not all, we plan, we monitor, we grow, we set targets, we learn how to operate successfully in business. Nothing masculine about being in business and anyone who tells you that is misguided.

No point only meditating for clients if you have nothing they want or anything even to deliver?
I want to invite you to stop thinking about how you could change the world and 'start getting on with it'.
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PS you really can have it all in life and business, don't settle for less than extraordinary…you deserve it!
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